Picture2I’m constantly reading, watching and learning.  I study business professionals regularly on how to grow my business, better my relationships and grow myself interpersonally.  Many of the questions they receive all have the same thread.  People are concerned with the details!  “What about this small detail?”  “What about that small detail?”  “But I don’t have this!”  “But I don’t have that!”  “I can’t do what you do because of ‘fill in the blank’!”

I can relate to that thought process.  I recently started teaching through the video platform of Periscope.  It’s very different than teaching and speaking to a room full of people!  When I’m speaking to an audience, I have their instant feedback through their facial expressions, body language and voice.  Staring into a video camera, it’s just me.  It can certainly be uncomfortable at times.

Most of us, especially women, want everything just ‘so’ before we move forward.  We want it to look perfect and ready.  We want it to feel right.  We want it to be sound and solid.  But here’s the thing – it’s never going to be perfect.  It’s never going to look like you’ve pictured it in your head that it ‘should’ look.  There’s always going to be a kink.

As a parent of an 18 year old, I’ve had to learn that lesson the hard way.  Kinks galore!  I love my teenager!  I would move mountains for him!  But there are times that I want to pinch his head off!  I’ve had to learn what is worth fighting for.  I’ve had to learn which battles to pick.  There are times to pinch that head and then there are times to relax a bit.  I’ve had to ask myself what really matters?  When it REALLY matters, heads get pinched!  But when it doesn’t, I don’t sweat it – okay maybe a little bit.  I’m a mom!  It’s my job to worry about my kids and their choices!  But I cannot let every situation control me.  If I made a big deal out of every time my teenager temporarily lost his mind, I would have been on his case all the time!  I have to not sweat the small stuff!

Life is going to through you curve balls!  It’s messy.  It’s not always perfect.

Here’s another nugget!  If you’re comparing your life, business or whatever to someone else – their life is not perfect either!!!  It doesn’t always go smoothly.  They don’t always have it together.  If you think they do, you’re wrong!  Comparison is the death of dreams and happiness.  So, stop it!  Stop comparing yourself to others and stop sweating the small stuff.

– Rebecca Massey