Rebecca Massey

Rebecca's diverse and comprehensive background is what sets her apart and provides the solid foundation in all that she does.

As A Business & Personal Coach

Her foundation in psychology has served her incredibly well over the years - allowing her to not only have the insight needed to understand her client's deepest needs, wants, and desires in order to run successful businesses - but to also help set them in position to live their most successful lives possible in all areas.  Rebecca is the founder of the Live Your Best Life Movement.


Over the last several years, she has started several businesses in a variety of industries - from accounting, graphic design, and counseling/psychology to online education. Because of this, she is able to guide individuals and entrepreneurs towards growth in all types of industries from a place of practical, real life experience - and help people achieve BIG results!   Rebecca's experience enables her to help high achievers - people just like you - get the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to win at work and succeed at life.

How to Contact Rebecca:


Phone: (901) BIG-HELP