Picture3When was the last time you actually kept your New Years resolution?

If you’re honest…. If you’re like me, probably never!  I don’t think I’ve ever kept a New Year’s resolution!

As I was thinking about that, I realized that even though I’ve never kept a New Year’s resolution, I’ve accomplished a lot of huge things in my life.  And I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish!  So, I thought, “you know what?  I’m going to talk about how I did that with you!”

So, this year instead of creating New Year resolutions that will probably end up like all the others – at the bottom of your priority list shrouded in shame and defeat – I want you to think about REAL solutions for your life; REAL change that you can make within the next 90 days – the kind of change that hugely impacts every part of your life.

The truth is, New Year resolutions sound really cool but they mean NOTHING without REAL change.

Here’s what I propose –

The four main areas that we all claim New Year resolutions for are our body, our business, balance and our being.

Body – We all make some sort of resolution about getting healthier or loosing weight.

Business – Maybe you’ve always wanted to have your own business and decided that this year is the time to start.  Maybe you already have a business and want this year to be the best and biggest year ever.  Perhaps you’re happy with the career you have now but you want to meet certain goals within the company?

Balance – Balance is your family; the people you care about.  Maybe your resolution is to spend more time with the people who are most important to you.

Being – That thing that’s inside of you.  You may not believe in God, that’s okay.  But you believe in something!  It’s important to look to that spiritual part of yourself and nurture positive growth in your being.

Try to set one main goal for each category.  Made sure your goals are attainable!  Think big, but don’t think HUGE.  HUGE goals are your dreams.  Dreams are important but you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time! It’s the small changes in your life that make the BIGGEST impact!

WRITE IT DOWN.  Goals are nothing with no accountability if they’re not written down.  Put it in front of you somewhere to see it everyday as a reminder.

For body, you may want to set a goal that you want to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain date.  SET THE DATE!  Don’t just say that you want to lose weight this year.  Make your goal a tangible smart goal with a measurable amount that has a due date!  Then formulate a plan to accomplish this goal.

For business, do the same thing!  Set a target goal that is measurable with a due date.  Perhaps you want to meet a certain bonus at work or start a new business?  Decide what it is that you want to do and then find out what it will take in order to do it.  Then, put your plan into action with a due date.

For balance, sometimes we forget about this one.  Put it in your calendar to spend time with your loved ones.  If you’re a workaholic, work balance with your loved ones into your daily calendar.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to give them you.

For being, some of you are thinking, “I don’t believe in God.  How does this apply to me?”  That’s okay!  Even if you don’t believe in God, read something everyday that speaks to you spiritually.  Something that encourages you to grow as a human being.  Something that feeds your inner self.  Whatever it is that you consider connects you to something beyond your self.  For those of you who do believe in God, spend time with Him everyday.  Whether it’s studying His word, listening to music or just talking to Him.  As you spend time in this area, write down what comes out of these sessions.  Regardless if it makes sense at the time, write it down.  In 90 days, review what you’ve written down and assess what it all means to you.  See how much you’ve grown in this area by taking the time to invest in your spiritual well being!

This all sounds really great, huh?  As with all New Year resolutions, we get all excited and we’re ready to take everything on!  But then we stop.

Why?  Why do we stop?  Is it because it gets too hard?  Why does it get hard?

Answer? Fear and Pain.  These two are great friends; just not your friends.  Not when you’re trying to accomplish something.  They try to hold you back; to keep you from going forward.  But if you look at them differently, as part of the process, they can be quite useful!

Most people stay in the “Fear Zone”.  We don’t ever move beyond our fear because it’s uncomfortable.  Because we’ve told ourselves that we “can’t” for a myriad of reasons; all of which do not matter.  The truth is, you can.  Fear is all in the mind.  I recently heard someone say that “worry must work”.  “When we worry about something, once we finally do the thing, nothing happens.”  It works in keeping us from reaching our full potential!

If you’re able to move past the fear, it’s best friend is right there waiting for you; pain.  Everyone stops at pain; you’re not unique in that aspect.  Pain hurts!  Physically and emotionally!  Pain hurts.  Most of us think that pain must mean something – we hit pain and think that we have to stop here or else something bad is going to happen!  That may be true if you’ve put your hand on a hot stove.  But when we’re reaching for our goals, pain means that you’ve reached the edge.  The edge of familiar.  Push through this “edge of town” road block so you can journey into the land of greatness!

There are three ways people deal with pain.  They try to go around it; to avoid it.  They try to go into it and end up bouncing around in it because once there they become crippled by fear; sometimes for years or a lifetime.  Trying to go around it or go into it only causes the pain to manifest into something else.  Go directly THROUGH it!  Face it head on in spite of fear.  Deal with it directly.  Don’t be afraid of it; it’s just a bully.  Go through it with the intention of solution equipped with honesty and integrity.  If you don’t do anything else, this one thing will change your life forever.

One more thought – don’t wait.  Whenever we’re faced with something scary, the longer we wait, the scarier it’s going to be.  Jump!  Don’t stop!  Keep going!  Push through the fear – Push through the pain.  Resolve to change your life!

– Rebecca Massey