Picture4OK…. So, I know I’m a little late but… I just got turned on to the show Game of Thrones.  LOVE IT!  It’s not a family show, though, by no means.  It has nudity and language BUT, it’s a great story and I love period pieces, even those that aren’t real, so it’s right up my alley!

I’ve only watched the first two seasons so don’t spoil it for me!  But the one thing I’ve noticed so far is that everyone is talking about how winter is coming.  It’s time to prepare.  Winter there doesn’t happen every year like it does for us; winter only comes around every 10 years or longer.  Many characters don’t even know what winter is like, because they’ve never experienced it, so they have no clue as to what to expect.  People from the North understand more so and are warning others to prepare for it.  While the people from the South, most of them, have never even seen a winter and have always lived in warm conditions and aren’t taking the warning seriously.  Winter is more than just cold weather; with it comes death and destruction.  It’s going to hit and some people are not going to be ready for it.

That got me thinking….  Just like winter seasons for us, there needs to be preparation.  A farmer prepares his fields for the fall harvest and winter season.  The same is true for the seasons in our lives.  We need to prepare.

Brannon and I were talking the other day and he mentioned that “when opportunity rises, it’s too late to prepare.”  How TRUE!  Lately I’ve been spending my time preparing to launch the Corealize Academy.  It’s taken a lot of time and work.  I’ve actually been preparing for this since summer!  It started with a lot of research and training on how to convert what I’ve done for years in person to something that can reach many more online.  Today I shot several videos to complete our Communications 101 “mini-course”.  I had to prepare for that!  The video, itself, is preparation for something bigger.

It’s a New Year and a lot of us are working toward our resolution goals.  Like anything, they don’t happen overnight.  Big things in our lives don’t just magically appear without work.  Maybe you’re wanting to reach a new health goal, business goal, build a house or travel; it will take preparation to attain it.  It won’t just happen; it takes work…. Preparation.

Don’t wait until opportunity comes knocking – BECAUSE IT WILL COME!  Opportunity will come – and when you least expect it.  You may not even recognize it at first.  But by the time you realize what’s going on, it’s too late.  So be ready for it!  When you’re prepared, you’ll see it when it comes; you’ll know it.  Be ready to jump on the train and go!  Be ready for the Winter!  Prepare now.

– Rebecca Massey